Overview of Karthik-Dipika’s dream home: Luxurious living room, exclusive space for sporting achievements: Overview of Dinesh Karthik-Dipika Pallikal’s dream home

A glimpse of Dinesh Karthik-Dipika Pallikal’s dream home. Pictures | Video capture


  • Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal got married in 2015
  • Their dream abode is a visual delight for all – with luxurious space, expensive furniture, exclusive space for sports equipment and achievements, and more.
  • Karthik and Dipika’s house is their first house that they built together as a couple

Dinesh Karthik has played over 150 matches for Team India in all formats. Karthik is a veteran of men’s football, who made his debut in 2004. Arriving on the stage at the highest level before MS Dhoni, Karthik made an impact but was inconsistent before Dhoni’s glorious run at the international level kept him on. key for a long time.

Despite all the ups and downs, Karthik has been with Team India since 2004. He has played under Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, etc. and played various roles for the national team. thus – to be goalkeeper-beater, opener in tests, finisher in T20, etc.

Karthik married squash star Dipika Pallikal in 2015 and owns a quaint home in Chennai. The house is a beautiful paradise, with a sumptuous and spacious living room, expensive furniture, bedrooms, a terrace, a play area and also has an exclusive area filled with their proud sporting achievements and play equipment.

The Karthik

The house of Dipika-Karthik, as for the first, is also their very first house as a couple. Here’s a look at their beautiful home, with eye-catching features and some glaring facts:

In the video, Dipika-Karthik also introduced everyone to their firstborn, i.e. Coco Chanel – their companion dog.

Coco Chanel is a busy bee

According to the video, here are some interesting facts from the glorious home of DK and Dipika:

1) Before moving to their current home, the couple stayed in another apartment and also in a very large house.

2) The couple spend most of their time in their beautifully constructed living room. DK often sleeps in his living room watching television. According to DK, they spend at least 80-85% of their time in the living room.

3) Dipika, meanwhile, relaxes by playing Mario all day.

4) The couple has a legend as a neighbor, that is to say Rajnikanth.

5) Karthik’s very first gift to Dipika is an expensive shoe, that is, a Jimmy choo, which has never been worn by his sweetheart.

DK-Dipika’s house a real visual delight:

Ms. Dinesh Karthik

Dipika and Karthik are a powerful couple. While Karthik is even now exploring his options as a commentator, Dipika is a star squash player. She first appeared in the limelight when she won three WISPA Tour titles and is the first Indian to enter the top 10 of the PSA Women’s Rankings.

“House for all”

Being their very first home as a couple, it’s surely a visual delight. According to Karthik, he wants his house not only to be his and to belong to those closely related to him. “All the people who are very close to us should feel at home. It’s a real attempt that we’re trying to make, it’s more of a house than a house,” Karthik said.

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