Paris Hilton Earns $ 1 Million Per Appearance As A DJ – What’s Her Net Worth?


Paris Hilton, 40, is an American heiress, “The Simple Life” reality TV star, model, actor, DJ, social media influencer and entrepreneur who is famous for just being herself – or the version in which it publishes the world. She’s set to add a new way to see her as a virtual party host and DJ on the Roblox online gaming platform in the Metaverse for New Years Eve 2021.

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The Hilton Avatar will be hosting a party on the Paris World Virtual Island on Roblox (RBLX). In this world, anyone who wants to experience a virtual party filled with electronic dance music is welcome. During their stay, they can purchase digital items and experiences.

It’s just one of the types of efforts that Hilton engages in that keeps her in the public eye, and the money flowing in.

She achieved great success and fame through television appearances, endorsements, modeling, product licensing and other – sometimes outrageous – public efforts with fragrance royalties from her 29 fragrance creations brought to her save the most money. Hilton is also a much sought after internationally renowned DJ, commanding $ 1 million per night.

Paris Hilton Net Worth

As the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels, she comes from a family valued at $ 4.5 billion. Hilton has amassed her own fortune, however, and currently has a net worth of $ 300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

This is a good thing for her, as her grandfather Barron Hilton adjusted the terms of her fortune in 2007, changing the terms of her will to bequeath 97% of her fortune to charity rather than her family. This change was reportedly made because he was unhappy with the public image portrayed by his granddaughters.

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Since the family is large, with around two dozen parents all planning to share around $ 135 million, she distinguished herself by earning her own money. She also maintains her celebrity stature by having millions of followers on her social media platforms.

Youth and career

Paris Whitney Hilton is the oldest of four children born to Kathy and Richard Hilton on February 17, 1981 in New York. She traveled frequently, mainly between Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Beverly Hills. She wasn’t very interested in school, and after leaving Vocational School for Children and Provo Canyon School for Emotionally Disturbed Youth, she got her GED instead of continuing with her traditional education.

Hilton started modeling as a child and worked for many famous brands, including Christian Dior and Guess. In doing so, she was active on the party scene and making a name for herself by acting outrageously in public and having high-profile romances with the biggest celebrities, including one with Leonardo DiCaprio.

An unauthorized million dollar sex tape dubbed “1 Night in Paris” was made public in 2004. Hilton filed a complaint and settled out of court with her receiving $ 400,000 of the scandal. The timing was helpful, as his reality series “The Simple Life” made its debut. On this show, Hilton was joined by her friend Nicole Richie as they tried to be successful on their own in the real world. The show was a hit and aired for five seasons between 2003 and 2007.

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Also in 2004, she published “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Cheek Peek Behind the Pose”. A year later, she published her second book titled “Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All To Me”.

She got in trouble in 2006 when she was arrested for driving while intoxicated, violated her probation terms and had to serve 23 days in jail.

Hilton has embarked on all kinds of endeavors such as fashion design, singing, building a music label, and celebrity DJ performances. In 2014, Hilton became the highest paid female DJ.

Personal life and real estate

Hilton has had a string of public romances, having been briefly engaged on several occasions, most notably to model Jason Shaw, Paris Latsis, and Chris Zylka. However, none of them ended up at the altar. On November 11, 2021, she married venture capitalist Carter Reum.

She owns a few homes in the Los Angeles area and owns a penthouse in Manhattan that she bought in 2014 for $ 4.9 million. She recently bought an $ 8.4 million home in Malibu with her husband.

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Paris Hilton can be seen on her merchandise across the globe, including New Years Eve 2021, where she will be DJing on the Isle of Paris on Roblox.

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