Power ranking “Succession” of season 3, week 7: Cash Out and F — Off

Succession is all about power – who has the most, who can exercise it best, and who is disastrously blinded by it. So every week during season 3, The ring will check how the hierarchy at Waystar Royco changes with each passing episode. It’s safe to say everything is a mess and steal a line of another HBO series, chaos can be a ladder.

1. Logan

The big old gorilla only had about two minutes of screen time this week, but that was more than enough to highlight the (apparent) climax of the worst comeback story you’ve ever heard. Logan Roy kept his business; chosen the next likely president of the United States; got a new one, much younger friend; is about to negotiate a deal with streaming company GoJo; and just found out that Waystar will likely only face a fine for its cruise line scandal. Not bad for a guy who seemed destined for prison just five episodes ago.

There are still two episodes left SuccessionIt’s season three, and as always, Logan’s manipulation of his children could backfire. (Season 2 ended with Kendall putting a knife in his back; would it be so shocking if Season 3 ended with Shiv doing the same?) But for now, the “big” Logan Roy has done it all over again. . Let’s just hope, as Shiv says, that he doesn’t do it again.

2. Roman

Seen in a way, season 3 of Succession was a character study by Roman Roy. The first two seasons were about his maturation, and now we see what he’s gotten to be. Beneath all the psychological damage and intimacy issues – “because of… we don’t know why” – may be Roy’s only brother who loves his family unconditionally. Look at the way he refused to put his name on Shiv’s letter against Kendall, or the real job-forgetting reaction he had to his father’s UTI-related collapse during the shareholders’ meeting; or even his slight insistence on going to Ken’s birthday party. There is a deep family instinct in him.

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Sadly, Logan turned family love into a contest decades ago, and Roman has been pursuing him in a twisted manner ever since. (The “he” in the image above refers to HIS FATHER.) In addition to that misguided goal, is there a fair amount of cynicism – and perhaps sociopathy? This allows him to play the game impeccably; as we have seen this season, he is perhaps the only one of Logan Roy’s children to be able to maneuver in the amoral and relentless world of the business. He can tell quiet neo-Nazis what they want to hear; he’ll gladly throw his phone in a urinal and let a tech genius piss on it. He gives in to his cruelest instincts, and he is absolutely murder this.

But these two sides of Roman cannot be disentangled. The part that really loves his dad and siblings will end up colliding with the part that gives his brother a birthday card that says “Cash in and fuck yourself”. And when it does, it’s gonna be ugly: Roman has been mistreated by Logan before, but he hasn’t really been decimated by him like Kendall and Shiv yet. What will happen when his father doesn’t want to, uh, kiss him anymore?

3. Lukas Matsson

Kendall’s damn balloon belle, Lukas Matsson (played perfectly Scandinavian by Alexander Skarsgard) is the owner of GoJo, and therefore Waystar’s ticket to the 21st century. He is the “Odin of coding”; he’s the only one asking the right questions, like when the hell is Logan going to die; even his facial expressions are commercially sensitive; it has a set of priorities that no one could ever argue with:

So, yeah, this guy is crushing her. But I think Roman might want to relax for a minute. A piss-soaked cell phone might not be the best launching pad for a friendly and easy business relationship. Nothing good can come from a technician who insists on being treated as a genius and who says that the media “is not his world” despite own a streaming service.

4. Kerry the assistant

Well, well. I’m so glad we have Kerry’s opinion on the matter.

5. Connor

Connor Roy votes at almost 1 percent. That’s 4 million people, which Connor’s estimate is enough for Angela Merkel to beg him to save democracy or for George Soros to “serenade him.” [him] trees.

But Connor’s shares are on the rise for more than one reason: These poll numbers seem to bring Willa to life in the White House, because she suddenly supports Con and defends him like she likes him. After criticizing Comfry for trying to get Connor’s jacket off at Ken’s birthday party, Connor looks happier than we’ve ever seen on the show:

I’m happy for the guy. I almost hope this story of him getting bored on a camping trip with Kendall and Roman doesn’t come out. (He had a bad fish! Give him a break!)

6. Cousin Greg

In “Too Much Birthday”, it is formalized: cousin Greg is the only character in this series capable of achieving true happiness.

The “9 foot Cro-Magnon man” is stunned because Comfry has agreed to date him. Of course, she does this mostly to annoy Kendall, who ruins her life with exaggerated requests such as “ask Springsteen to save the vibrations” and “find me a jetpack that I can use to fly off the retractable roof.” And of course, Comfry is preparing to let the press know when Kendall is going to burn Greg. But this is all semantics. Cousin Greg has a date with a “very impartial young girl” and he feels real and genuine joy. This is more than most of these people can say.

7. Thomas

On the one hand, Tom may not go to jail. (Side note: The scene where he breaks the news to Greg – and breaks Greg’s desk in the process – should be Matthew Macfadyen’s Emmy reel. He’s been unreal this season.)

However, unlike Greg, Tom is unable to find happiness despite a new lease of life.

Cocaine et al. Certainly has something to do with Tom’s complete lack of cheerfulness, but it goes beyond that. Part of him surely notices his wife’s lackluster response to his newfound freedom – instead of celebrating with him, she spends the episode mulling over his diminishing influence in the family. And beyond that, the prison had at least given Tom a purpose; something to make his own. Now that his one to two year offer is no longer in play, although all of the “We’re not going to jail!” Exclamations in this episode made me think that someone is absoutely go to jail, what does he have left? He’s just a guy who ate too many meals at a bunch of crappy diners.

8. Willa

I mean, an immersive experience? Kendall could at least have consulted the future first lady of the United States …

9. Comfrey

I’m sure Comf is indeed one of six people working for Kendall – no one throws a multi-million dollar event and shovels so much stopped development. shit for less than $ 300,000 per year. But damn cow, does she have the worst job in New York? Imagine having a boss who demands to be crucified at his own party and then scolds you because “it looks like an asshole’s birthday party.”

But hey, at least she’s got a date coming up?

10. Shiv

This … doesn’t sound like someone doing well:

At the same time, we still don’t know enough about Shiv’s college years.

11. Kendall

The only way Kendall’s 40th birthday party – titled, obviously, “The Notorious Ken Ready to Die” – was going to end was as he stared menacingly from a balcony at Hudson Yards, a new development site in New York. York who is already abandoned.

The party is the zero point for every facet of Kendall’s dysfunction: her over-inflated ego, her equally debilitating insecurity, her delusions of grandeur, her absurd emphasis on live performances, her broken relationship with her family, her even more broken relationship. with his own children. , his inability to have his older brother take his coat off. (Kendall’s no-mantle policy is very similar to Kim Jong-un’s leather coat ban in North Korea; this is an approximate composition.) After easily dropping over a million dollars for his own party, it’s no surprise it ends with him alone, rolling in a pile of gifts from people he doesn’t know, looking for the one gift that really means something to him.

(Note the children’s quilt. Kendall may have just turned 40, but he never really grew up.)

This must be (another) background for Ken, right? After a season of trying to convince himself that he is a righteous savior of all that is holy and good, is he finally ready to look at himself in the mirror? Will he stop hanging out with the guy who tells him all his terrible ideas are “slapping”? Will he never compare himself to Jesus Christ and / or Billy Joel again? The truth can be hard to swallow, but denying it further no longer seems like an option.

12. Naomi Pierce

Listen, sometimes it seems Naomi Pierce is good for Kendall. For example, the photo above. But each time, she stands on the sidelines giving him a thumbs up as he wears a Dan Flashes mock turtleneck and sings “Honesty.”

It’s probably also worth considering the first question she asks when Kendall tells her that Logan offered to buy him out of the company:

What’s Naomi Pierce’s deal ?!

13. Little Wu-Tang

It’s a disguise that Tiny Wu-Tang couldn’t play. According to Kendall, it was much better than it looks.

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