Reviews of Peak Design Packable Tote – A bit small, but still very usable.

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REVIEW – What is the cheapest bag from premium bag designer Peak Design? This is not the shoe pouch under $25. This is the Peak Design Packable Tote.

What is that?

Quite simply, the Peak Design Packable Tote is a small 12 liter bag that can be stored in a very practical small bag. The resulting pack can easily slip into most pockets or bags, as shown inside the Peak Design V1 Small Terrain Pouch, as shown above, and it costs “just” $19.99. The product recently launched in early February 2022, along with a few other new PD bags, as well as new colors for some existing products.

Unlike many storage bag pockets, which often require an origami master to return them to their shipped storage condition, the Collapsible Tote packs easily into its storage pocket and stays soft, even squishy, ​​this which allows it to be easily re-stowed in just about anything that has room to hold it. The resulting bag won’t give you an unsightly bulge in your jeans, depending on where you stuff it of course.

The Peak Design Packable Tote comes in two colorways, Charcoal and Raw, both pictured below.

What’s in the box?

  • Nothing more than the Peak Design Packable Tote, packed in its smallest state.

Design and features

The Peak Design Collapsible Tote has a very simplistic design. It is made from 100% recycled 70D ripstop nylon which has a special coating to improve its water resistance. This material also has a self-healing feature if the bag is punctured by a small sharp object contained inside the bag.

The tote is made from a single piece of fabric which allows for added strength as there are no seams to split. Additionally, the unique microfiber padded shoulder strap is not only sewn into the top corner of each side of the bag as with most designs, but forms the full edges of the bag, further enhancing the overall strength of the tote bag when is in use. This decision seems to be sturdier than just bar tacking on one corner of the bag strap.

The bagged tote has unusual branding, however, the expanded tote has branding limited to the small PD branded tag on one of the corners of the bag. The oversized stuff sack pocket ends inside the expanded tote and provides room for a plus size iPhone 8 when the tote is unpadded, and when padded results in a soft and spongy set that is comfortably placed inside a coat or jean pocket. Compare this to other stuff sack pockets that have been reduced in size to the smallest volume possible, which takes a long time to put back into the pocket/bag and often results in a tough knot of fabric to be dealt with by the continued. When in the packed state there is a small loop on one side of the pouch which is a handy handle or can be fitted with a carabiner to attach the small pouch to another bag or backpack.

Finally, the Peak Design Packable Tote uses Peak Design’s own #5 UltraZip zipper at the opening of the bag which allows the bag to be sealed, preventing contents from spilling out when dropped. This is not typical for a bag of this size and solves the persistent problem that plagues many small packable bags once placed on the floor or in the trunk of one’s car and often not discovered until after the ride is over. , finding a scattering of the bag. contents on the floor or trunk.

Some specs

  • Dimensions: Unpacked: 42cm x 41cm x 12cm (16.5″ x 16.1″ x 4.7″)
    Packed: 15cm x 9cm x 4cm (5.9″ x 3.5″ x 1.6″)
  • Inside Max Pocket (Stuff Sack) Capacity of iPhone 12/13 standard and Pro models (does not fit 12/13 Max)

What I like?

  • I really like the fabric of the Packable Tote. If you know of other Peak Design products, this is the same fabric used in their Packing Cubes and the previously mentioned shoe pouch.
  • The soft flexibility of the bagged tote simply cannot be praised enough. It’s so easy to pack the tote and the result is a very stowable bag to put just about anywhere you want.

What would I change?

  • Some may find a 12 liter bag too small.
  • Lengthening the strap would be nice, but that would of course result in a stowed product that was harder to fill and less spongy at the end.
  • The storage pocket is just a tad too small for the largest iPhone currently on the market.

Final thoughts?

Overall, I really like the Peak Design Foldable Tote. I’ve tried to cut down on plastic bags, and the convenience of being able to keep that bag with me makes it easier and easier to ditch the plastic bag for all my one-time errands to any type of store.

Price: $19.99
Or buy: Peak Design and Amazon
Source: This product was purchased with my own funds.

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