Sales of Bartech minibars continue their upward trend as hoteliers seek contactless solutions to address labor shortages

Las Vegas – Bartech, the leader in automatic minibar solutions for the global hospitality industry, announced details of its rapid and continued growth in sales as more hoteliers turn to advanced minibar solutions for meet the health safety needs of customers and ensure the fluidity of operations. From luxury brands to mid-range and boutique properties, Bartech continues to receive a growing number of inquiries and sales for its cutting-edge technology, designed to seamlessly meet the demands of today’s customers for instant contactless convenience, regardless of ongoing labor shortages.

Since the start of the pandemic, Bartech’s customer portfolio has grown steadily as more hoteliers have contacted the company to find out how its line of minibars can offset declining revenues and revamp. hotel offers to align with the new industry climate. With an array of new clients including properties associated with brands such as Ritz Carlton, InterContinental, Four Seasons and Waldorf Astoria, the company noted that the increase in quote requests in 2021 has now exceeded pre-pandemic levels. to become the best performance year in the company’s history.

“Industry needs and service goals have changed dramatically over the past two years, with a much greater emphasis on limiting contact areas, while delivering the quality of service and responsiveness that customers expect. However “ said Bruno Agrario, vice president of sales and marketing at Bartech. “To solve this problem, experiences are now being adapted to allow customers to access hotel offers from the security of their room. Advanced minibars with their chamber-centric capabilities prove to be perfectly suited to the task. We are very proud of the efforts of our global team during the pandemic to provide hoteliers with a more efficient, faster and safer approach to meeting guest needs. We look forward to seeing more properties benefit from our solutions to maintain high satisfaction rates and hotel profitability, regardless of market working conditions. “

With a range of minibar solutions that cater for virtually all types of hotel operations, including fully automatic and semi-automatic minibars, as well as advanced software providing manual minibars with semi-automatic management capabilities , Bartech enables hotel staff to effortlessly keep pace with changing guest needs. In addition to minimizing any unnecessary contact between customers and employees that can harm social distancing, Bartech’s solutions also represent a significant time saver for F&B operations, which can often be affected by the level of the workforce. artwork available from a hotel. Instead, Bartech’s innovative minibar technology dramatically reduces the number of employees needed to run a cost-effective and responsive F&B service without requiring multiple room visits throughout the day. The company’s advanced minibar sensor technology ensures that hotel staff always know precisely which items and rooms need to be restocked, as well as which rooms maintain a full inventory, to avoid unnecessary visits. To further reduce employee workload, Bartech minibars automatically detect item purchases and ensure accurate billing upon check-out. This eliminates yet another staff visit to the room.

With 30% of customers consuming minibar items on average, Bartech’s automated minibar technology is also known to minimize workloads by allowing one part-time attendant to achieve the same level of productivity as two full-time employees. . By minimizing the amount of work required of each staff member when it comes to minibar operations, Bartech solutions can also play a crucial role in maintaining employee satisfaction, well-being and loyalty.

Along with the impressive growth in demand from Bartech’s customers, there is the growing trend for hoteliers to use minibars to provide contactless access to a diverse range of products that go beyond traditional F&B offerings. As hotels shift more and more towards offering room-centric experiences, items once found at hotel outlets can now be sold directly from the room, including toiletries, electronics and dry snacks. This is made possible by innovations such as Bartech’s eTray solution, which can offer all the benefits of automatic minibar technology for virtually any item not suitable for refrigeration.

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About Bartech

For nearly 30 years, Bartech has been a pioneer and leader in the design and technology of minibars for the global hospitality industry. Since the introduction of the world’s first automatic open-screen minibar, Bartech has built an excellent reputation as a provider of the industry’s most powerful and sophisticated solutions to manage hotel minibar operations.

With hundreds of thousands of minibars installed in more than 85 countries, Bartech has been selected by many of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains and independent properties. With an in-house R&D department and global customer support, Bartech is dedicated to the continuous improvement of product design, software and systems integration with the latest technologies, in order to meet the growing needs of the industry in profitability and efficiency. For more information, please visit

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