Shahid Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra to Ranbir Kapoor: who was your best dressed actor of the week?

The past week has in store for us a lot of memories. Courtesy of Christmas and New Years. A few of us went for the minimalist tone and some went all out, but fashion became a priority. After all, where have the beautiful days of dressing up gone is a question that has never ceased to be asked since the pandemic made plans for the world? Overall, we’ve seen the holiday season bring with it some much needed hope, smiles, and such a cool style.

You know, when it’s a Sunday we’re all out to take you through a barrage of inspiration served by the men of Bollywood. They were in their dapper element and their outfits have our votes. Find out and tell us what doesn’t say love here.

Do you call a jacket person? Here’s the 2021 version of a leather jacket that doesn’t include a dull tone. Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani were previously spotted at Mumbai airport last week on vacation at a wildlife park. The actor chose a denim green and black faux leather jacket that featured multiple zippers and pockets. He wore it with loose black pants, red lace-up shoes with blue lace, black sunglasses, a bag and a mask. Yes, he’s Mr. Perfection when he’s on duty.

Immerse yourself in your day in color. Varun Dhawan is a big fan of athleisure and denim. Mostly super cool t-shirts that get the hot conversation going. He chose H&M’s oversized graphic jersey t-shirt that he teamed with cobalt blue sweatpants. Slip your feet into slippers or slip-ons and black sunglasses, your OOTD is well sealed.

fashion2 shahid sidharth ranbir best dressed actor

Do you remember a day when the dark didn’t serve you well? Ayushmann Khurrana would be the one who always said no. He gave us some dashing references that we love too much. Dressed in all that is monotonous, he wore a black crew-neck t-shirt and layered it with a jacket, and made the utility pants a favorite here. A smartwatch tinted with blue sunglasses and Nike Air Jordan lace-up shoes have become the traveler’s favorite accessories.

fashion3 shahid sidharth ranbir best dressed actor

For a day of chill out, Aditya Roy Kapur chose a simple blue t-shirt that he wore with acid-washed denim that also sported distressed details. It’s all about the style that can make a simple outfit look the best. Roll up her sleeves, wear a beanie and opt for black sneakers. It’s done, you’ve made a success of your day.

fashion4 shahid sidharth ranbir best dressed actor

When’s it wrong to stay in comfy and cool sweatpants? Scotch and Soda’s Shahid Kapoor tracksuit can be your best bet when you want a hassle-free trip ahead. This little pony behind, aviators, shoes and a backpack. Say no more, just keep fainting at his OOTN.

fashion5 shahid sidharth ranbir best dressed actor

How to Pair and Look 101. Photographed last week, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor were spotted at the airport, ready to go on vacation. While she chose Dhruv Kapoor’s green trench coat and pants, her man sported a casual look with utility pants, a zip-up jacket with brown leather details and a padded collar and cuffs. He was wearing his Nike shoes and a camouflage print mask and bag.

fashion6 shahid sidharth ranbir best dressed actor

Perfect for the airport and street style and all the outings in between, Vicky Kaushal was pampered yesterday as he left town on New Years Day. He wore a brown long-sleeved t-shirt and pummeled him with deep blue jeans. Her white star sneakers, NY baseball cap and camouflage print mask enveloped her nighttime travel look.

fashion7 shahid sidharth ranbir best dressed actor

What hero outfit looks stellar? Let us know in the comments below.

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