Shearling Coats Are The Weather Transition Essentials Every Man Needs

I love a good down jacket or thick parka as much as the next person – they have their time and place. That said, I don’t always want to look or feel like the Michelin Man in order to stay warm. And when there’s an opportunity to wear a sleek, cool, and downright sexy option that’s just as hot as its puffy counterparts, I’ll take it. How, you ask? With another of the most classic winter coats for men: a shearling coat.

B-3 bomber jacket in special edition merino sheepskin with removable hood

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Yes, a real sheepskin coat is undoubtedly expensive, but there are plenty of reasons to add a warm, fluffy sheepskin or sheepskin jacket to your cold-weather wardrobe – and a adding extra cool to your winter looks is just one. “Sheepskin coats are their own wonderful world. You have the leather, which is a complete windbreaker, which prevents any kind of penetration. And then you have the interior with the wool inside,” shares Monty Goodson, the production expert at Overland. with me on the phone. “It’s the depth and warmth of this wool that helps create an internal environment within your garment, and it works in conjunction with your body heat.”

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Maybe you’re the type of person who prefers a more streamlined look to their ensembles. Or, maybe you’re like me and need to consider minimal storage space in your home. Either way, if you’re looking for a warm outerwear option that won’t take up too much space and will serve as a versatile option for the still chilly first weeks of spring, consider a classic shearling. “A well-designed sheepskin coat can be extremely flattering, and it doesn’t have to be bulky,” says Goodson. “Depending on the type of sheepskin it is, some sheepskins have longer wool that is more like fur, like the Toscana sheepskin in the Spanish country. Or, you have the Merinos, which are sheared closer and shorter to the skin.So you get a lower loft, which features a cleaner silhouette and a more edgy look that is fitted and fitted.In other words, no matter what type of look you you are looking for this season, there is a stylish sheepskin option for you.

If you know the benefits of wool socks and other clothing essentials with the comfort fiber, you already know about its natural moisture-wicking abilities. Well, the same goes for shearling. As well as maintaining a moderate temperature like your body heat, these classic jackets will create what Goodson describes as a “comfort bubble” – even more so than a coat with synthetic padding or lining. “These types of pieces often have a gap between the lining and the garment that creates an air pocket, whereas a sheepskin coat doesn’t,” he says.

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This explains why WWII pilots opted for sheepskin bomber jackets (a timeless style to this day). “Planes weren’t that isolated, so bomber pilots started wearing sheepskin clothing to protect themselves and stay isolated at high altitudes and high altitudes as they flew higher,” Goodson – who mentions that some people have military jackets passed down from their grandfathers – sharing. Of course, it’s also the durability of leather that has made sheepskin coats a winter staple well worth the investment. “If cared for properly, it should last a lifetime. Certainly, it can be broken in – it’s like a good leather jacket that acquires its own character and patina as it ages.”

So, are shearling coats worth it? Considering the technical advantages, timeless style and longevity, the answer is a resounding yes. If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in your wardrobe with this classic staple, check out our favorite shearling jackets on the market to buy below. Undoubtedly, you will wear it for years. And just in case you’re not ready to invest in a real sheepskin jacket, but still want to look like one (or want a dressier version of your favorite fleece jacket), we we have also collected faux sheepskin jackets for you.

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