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Kim Kardashian is back with another leather ensemble. On February 24, the 40-year-old was spotted at Milan Fashion Week looking sultry in a form-fitting black leather maxi dress that accentuated her curvaceous physique. We don’t know how she managed to put on or take off the long-sleeved dress because it was so comfortable. Kim’s dress had a turtleneck and a tight pencil skirt that made walking difficult for her. She completed her ensemble with black leather gloves, rectangular sunglasses and boots. The actress looked stunning in her leather outfit and puts it on perfectly.

The Diva was seen wearing a black bodycon dress and amazingly nailed it giving the hottest looks. The actress looked sizzling in her black off-the-shoulder bodycon leather dress. She was also spotted wearing a black leather off-the-shoulder mini dress with a black leather trench coat over it and rocked the outfit giving chic and sassy looks. The actress looks stunning in her leather outfit and draws our attention to her leather look. She was also photographed putting on the black leather dress with a yellow leather jacket over it and looked dazzling in this outfit. She wore a tight black leather lace-up dress and was seen showing off her sassy figure. Kim took to Instagram to post the photos, which caught the internet by surprise.

Kim was dressed in a black leather trench coat with a belt at the waist. She completed her ensemble with black leather thigh high boots, matching gloves and a mask that zipped up and down over her entire face. She wore her hair in a high ponytail and held a small silver bag in her hand.

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