Sidi Duna Special Boots Review [Long Term Motorcycle Footwear Test]

Without wanting to sound too grumpy, the truth is that I have serious foot and ankle problems. And, yes, they have been caused by different motorcycle accidents over the years, and they get worse with age. So riding shoes have become very, very important to me. Comfort, as well as protection, is absolutely essential. Nerve pain, especially in my left foot, can be absolutely excruciating with the wrong boot or shoe.

Sidi Duna Special Boots Review: MSRP

Interestingly, it doesn’t turn on instantly, so shoes that I can “manage” when I first put my boots on, after about half an hour, may make me look for a place to stop and take it off. offending article, to allow my numb and burning foot to recover a bit. At the end of the day, I have a somewhat limited choice of shoes, especially on a motorcycle, where I need good technical protection and an accurate fit that provides the comfort I so desperately need.

Sidi shoes are reassuringly priced. There are several excellent reasons why the company’s products cannot be reduced to a price, and these reasons become very apparent as soon as you put on Sidi boots. I wore Sidi Doha boots for many years, and now they have been replaced by the next generation Sidi Duna range of boots.

Sidi Duna Special Boots Review Price

For more casual and urban riding, my favorite boots now are the Sidi Duna Special. This low cut ankle boot has a soft touch interior, with a stiff yet flexible brushed suede exterior and a protective Cordura exterior. I have had no degradation in the appearance of the boots so far in over a year of wearing them. The double-stitched exterior of the boot is tough and hard-wearing. Black suede is easy to keep in good condition with just a damp cloth every once in a while when it gets a little dirty.

I also found that the outer construction layers of the boot are somewhat breathable. During the hot summer months in Southern California, I didn’t have any overheating issues that I’ve found with other motorcycle shoes.

Review of Sidi Duna Special Boots for Sale

The fit and finish of the Sidi Duna Special boots is exceptional. The rounded toe style provides a relatively loose and consistent fit that suits my needs perfectly. The nylon insole is firm, not soft, providing the right amount of support. Plus, the removable arch support allows for some adjustment flexibility should you need it.Sidi Duna Special Boots Review - Motorcycle Shoes

The slip-resistant sole itself is quite thick, and I’ve found this to be very useful with non-rubberized footpegs as the hard end of the footpeg doesn’t cause a pressure point on the ball of my foot when I’m wearing my weight in the turns.

Unlike the previous generation Doha, the new Duna boot comes with a continuous loop steel cable lacing system that is adjusted using Sidi’s exclusive Tecno 3 Push magnetic closure mechanism from the shoe world. Sidi bike. This system ensures the right fit around my foot.

The dial arm of the Tecno 3 push button is raised perpendicularly for more closing pressure, like a ski boot. This lacing system ensures that the cable is pulled correctly from the center, allowing for a consistent and symmetrical tension closure across the entire upper of the boot. This allows me to dial in the perfect tension on my ailing left foot and avoid too much pressure on the sensitive top.

From a safety perspective, the Sidi Duna Special excels. My ankles are well covered, and the steel-reinforced heel and toe areas will help mitigate crush damage, should it ever become necessary. A reflective strip on the heel does no harm and at night will help you be seen a little better.

The Duna comes in two models. This is a review of the Special, but there’s also a waterproof Gore-Tex version with traditional laces instead of the Tech 3 Push lacing system for an extra $35.

The Sidi Duna Special boots look great even off the bike. They are comfortable all day long, even on long walks. Because the Duna’s motorcycle look is somewhat subtle, the boots look great when worn with jeans or other pants, and are certainly much more manageable and more comfortable off the bike than any what a technical motorcycle boot I’ve worn.

Sidi Duna Special Boots Highlights

  • Sizes: 7.5-13 (US); 41-48 (euro)
  • The black color
  • Certificate: CE

Sidi Duna Special Boots Price: $215 MSRP

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