Spring Playlist: Pratt’s Voices Featured in Inspirational Podcasts

Pratt’s creative community continually explores fields as diverse as historical research, sound art, climate change and neuroscience. These fascinating recent conversations with ten notable alumni and faculty members offer a wide range of new insights and perspectives.

Revolutionary Photography

Photographer Sylvia Plachy, BFA ’65, helped define New York’s culture and nightlife with her iconic work for New York magazine and The voice of the village in the 70s and 80s. She spoke with Person Place Thing Randy Cohen recounts his arrival in the United States as a child, his passion for photography in a course at Pratt and his admiration for his mentor, the innovative Hungarian photographer André Kertész. Listen on the Person Place Thing site.

“I was at Pratt and I was studying to be a great artist, then I took a photography course, and that changed my career. And I decided that I wanted to live my art instead of staying at home. house in a studio. I wanted to live and take pictures, and I think that’s what photography does. I wanted to meet the world.

Sylvia Plachy, Person Place Thing

Where are the black creators?

Pratt alumnus Cheryl Miller spoke with Nigel Prentice, host of the IBM Racial Equity in Design initiative podcast, It was timeabout his career as a writer and designer in episodes six and seven. Miller’s master’s thesis at Pratt became a 1987 TO PRINT magazine article, “Black Designers Missing in Action”, which led to further historical research, articles and lectures on the subject. In 2021, she was named an Honorary IBM Design Scholar and received a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award and an AIGA Medal. Listen on the IBM Racial Equity in Design site.

“Create. Don’t duplicate. Create. Design thinking on a yellow sticker. are you still with me? I leave you with the Sankofa bird: come back, go take it. You see, once you know your story, Okay, claim it. Go ahead and take what’s rightfully yours. That’s it. Compete.”

Cheryl Miller, About Time

The idea of ​​digital intimacy

Eyebeam Executive Director Roddy Schrock interviewed sound art duo Mendi + Keith Obadike on his podcast, Informant. Mendi is an associate professor of humanities and media studies at Pratt. The duo’s 25 years of collaboration as sound artists gives them a unique perspective on trends, changes and challenges in the field. Listen on the Informer website.

“Sound can be a space. It can be a place where you are, not just something to consume. And so for me, as an artist but also just as a listener, I can go to different places listening to certain things, and I can also create spaces for people.

Mendi Obadike, informant

Sustainable architecture

the Passive House Podcast features interviews with leaders of the global passive house movement. In this episode, guest hosts Ilka Cassidy and Mary James interviewed Clara Ha, visiting assistant professor of undergraduate architecture and project manager at ChoShields Studio, a certified Passive House architecture studio, where she oversees projects designed to a sustainable environment. Listen on the Passive House Podcast site.

“There is an interest in the student body to learn more about sustainable structures and architecture. They are the future and this is their future. So whether or not they have detailed knowledge of sustainable architecture, I think the idea that it’s an important way of thinking is already embedded when they enter first year of first cycle.

Clara Ha, Passive House Podcast

The intersection of neuroscience and art

(In)Coherence: the variable margins between us and the worldd is a podcast created as part of a STEAMPlant project by faculty members Ágnes Mócsy and Ellen Berkovitch with Mary Jo Vath and Iliyan Ivanov. The series features conversations around topics related to both neuroscience and art. Listen on the (Inconsistency site.

“The brain meets the world. Neuroscience dialogues with art. We want this podcast to trace the phosphorescent nets that capture the shared concerns of neuroscience and art.

On the mission of (In)Coherence

Heteronyms, alter egos, avatars and self-experience

Tin House’s between the covers, a book podcast hosted by David Naimon, is widely considered one of the most notable book podcasts for writers and readers. In this episode, writing teacher James Hannaham talked about his inspiration and writing process for his latest “most unclassifiable” book. Imposter Pilot. Listen on the Tin House website.

“I think there’s something about hoaxing and pranking that’s kind of what artists do most of the time. The things that I gravitate towards anyway, in terms of art, are usually an intervention in conventional thinking on some level that surprises you and changes the terms that you had already accepted.

James Hannaham, Between the Covers

The company of art and design

The business of art and designA podcast from the Department of Art and Design at Missouri State University features conversations with artists and designers who discuss different aspects of developing a career in the arts. Foundation faculty member Sizhu Li talked about his kinetic installation, Moonand her artistic journey as an emerging Chinese-born multidisciplinary artist in New York City. Listen on Spotify.

“Your interests and your daily life are kind of connected, so when you’re having tons of experiences, there’s definitely a way for them to engage with each other. If you can’t find it, I think that means your experiences are not enough. You need to do more.

Sizhu Li, the business of art and design

The ugly history of fast fashion

Writing Department faculty member Sofi Thanhauser spoke about her acclaimed new book, Worn: a popular history of clothingand the labor practices and environmental impact of the fashion industry with Krys Boyd, host of the national call-in radio show for North Texas public radio station KERA, Think. Listen on the Think Kera website.

“I think the same kind of logic is at work encouraging people to buy a new TV every couple of years, but with clothes it’s possible, I think, to take advantage of much deeper insecurities or of promises of romance or power or self-renovation that if you buy this, your identity will change in an “X” way.

Sofi Thanhauser, Think

Fighting for equality in fashion and beyond

black fashion history is a podcast hosted by Taniqua Russ that celebrates the lives, work, and industry experiences of Black designers, educators, curators, costumers, stylists, and other fashion professionals. In this episode, she interviews fashion design professor Adrienne Jones, who designed and co-curated the landmark 2014 exhibition Black dress and was the first black woman to earn full-time tenured professorship at Pratt. Listen on the black fashion history site.

“The biggest thing we kept hearing [about Black Dress] was, ‘I didn’t know. I didn’t know these people existed. It was then that I realized that the importance of continuing my godmother’s work was not just for me personally, but was so much greater than I could have imagined.

Adrienne Jones, history of black fashion

Architecture and climate education

In this episode of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada RAIC Podcast on ArchitectureDean of the Pratt School of Architecture, Harriet Harriss, speaks with Bianca Dahlman, RAIC Architecture Congress Steering Committee Member and Moderator, about the publication Architects After Architecture and the program of studies the climate crisis at Pratt. Listen on PodBean.

“Education is not only a reflection of practice; he is the director of the practice. If we want to see a future in which real change occurs in how we design and build and what we build from in the future, we need to equip our students with climate knowledge and knowledge.

Harriet Harriss, RAIC Architecture Podcast

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