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INTERNATIONAL. Starboard Cruise Services has partnered with boutique cruise line Azamara to deliver retail experiences across its three-ship fleet. The partnership between began on August 28 when Azamara Quest welcomed the first guests for a seven-night Mediterranean trip from Greece.

The partners said they aimed to create “a destination-specific retail program, offering experiential, cultural and artisanal touchpoints specially designed for each voyage of Azamara’s fleet of ships.” The independent cruise brand is dedicated to what it calls “destination immersion experiences”.

The offerings combine renowned luxury brands with handcrafted and handcrafted pieces that mirror the itineraries of Azamara cruise destinations

“Our travelers who have traveled a lot want exclusive getaways and carefully selected excursions inspired by local culture and traditions,” said Azamara President Carol Cabezas. “The retail experience should not be an exception, but rather an integrated layer to amplify meaningful memories throughout the cruise journey. In partnership with Starboard’s Luxury division, we are in a better position to reveal even more of the history, art, cuisine and local customs that make each destination rare and beautiful.

Creators of cultural destinations and collections

The retail vision and experiences are designed to complement the nightlife activities and overnight stays at Azamara Port. Guests can engage on board and ashore with local artisans and craftspeople in their original studios and stores, see their work come to life, and will have exclusive access to the local merchandise they can at home.

Organized cultural collections are at the heart of the shopping offer, with retail being tightly integrated into the larger cruise experience.

The curated cultural collections – inviting travelers to ‘explore further’ – will reflect and be authentic for each destination, the partners said, with examples being one-of-a-kind Maori carvings when sailing New Zealand or knitting. of wool hand-spun in Norway. Starboard also brings on board limited-time experiences, such as hand-painted Barcelona silks and socially responsible items, including Chilean-made infused glass art from windows and recycled bottles.

Starboard President and CEO Lisa Bauer said, “We are delighted to be working with Carol Cabezas and her team at Azamara on our shared vision for the future during a very exciting industry reboot. . With our shared philosophies surrounding discovery, creativity, quality and craftsmanship, the collaboration with Azamara will offer a completely innovative and immersive approach to exploring destinations.

“Beyond luxury and opulence, today’s affluent travelers seek transformative, memorable and meaningful experiences – collecting priceless and authentic memories that tell their personal story of sea crossing.”

Azamara is an upscale cruise line specializing in destination-oriented experiences. It currently has a fleet of three medium-sized vessels sailing to all continents, and a fourth vessel is expected to join the fleet in 2022.

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