Super easy running tips from a longtime casual runner

(If you’re in a gym, run the preset “routes” on a treadmill. Because you might not be running around a pretty Canadian lake, but it’s okay to pretend.)

Remember why you are doing it.

It’s one of those cheesy “you’ll never regret a workout” quotes that are just… ick. I know. I am really sorry.


Hold on to the feeling you have left after a race: a clear mind. Tired but powerful legs. Satisfaction.

Remember this when you don’t feel motivated to lace up your shoes or are really struggling for a tough mile.


Wear your sports bra just … all the time.

I wear sports bras almost exclusively, and not just because they are comfortable.

My routine usually sees me chasing after work, which means I have to change. Mentally, it’s just a little less … arduous task if I’ve ever put on the sports bra.

I’m already half ready, so you might as well keep going until I put on my tights and shoes, right?

Plus, it’s always a little weird to take off a sports bra that you haven’t sweated in at the end of the day.

You do not need all the equipment … but a little equipment will help.

In theory, if you live without a disability, you don’t really need anything to run. Just capable legs and the great outdoors.

But in reality, there are clothes that will improve your running experience.

The first is a good pair of shoes, of course. This is the most important, because the wrong pair of shoes can lead to injury. The best way to find the right shoe for you is to have your foot scanned, which many shoe stores offer.

Otherwise, it’s a matter of what you are looking for. I run in Nike Pegasus, which I love because it feels like there are mini trampolines in the heels, but you’re going to want to try a bunch of shoes on to find what works best for you.

The other two most important pieces of equipment: a sports bra and good pants.

Keeping girls supported is super important when running. I recommend Triaction and Berlei for guaranteed support.

Now let’s move on to my real passion: leggings.

Leggings are, in my humble opinion, the greatest invention of mankind. I love them with all my heart and consider myself a bit of a leggings connoisseur.

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