Ted Cruz extremely bothered by ‘sexy women’ who love Pete Davidson

Instead of spending his time tackling the rise of hate-motivated extremism or the formula shortage plaguing America — you know, elected officials should spend their time figuring it out — Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) keeps busy wondering why so many female celebrities want to fuck Pete Davidson.

In a segment on his Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast focused on “toxic femininity” (whatever that is), Cruz went all out Nice Guy, wondering what Davidson has that other men don’t.

“How come this guy gets all these hot women?” asked the senator. “Pete Davidson was dating Kate Beckinsale – I mean, you mean Underworld. You’re talking, like, super sexy vampire in a black leather trench coat, and you’re like, ‘Really? the SNL dude? Like, wow. (Yes, Ted. It really is a mystery why women of this caliber are drawn to a charming young comedian and not pounce on someone so determined to rob American women of their bodily autonomy.)

And, while Jack Harlow can get away with it with excitement, it’s usually not a happy-ending behavior for politicians. Perhaps Cruz has already lost his memory of when his official Twitter account was caught liking pornographic tweets – but, unlike that gaffe, Ol’ Ted can’t blame this egregious act of evil on a temperamental staff member. Or, maybe he forgot that his staff unwittingly cast a softcore porn actress in one of his 2016 campaign ads.

This isn’t the first time Cruz has used her podcast as a vehicle to joke about less than savory topics. Last month, during a discussion of Disney’s response to Florida’s controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, the senator wondered if LGBTQ advocates just wanted to see ‘Mickey and Pluto get in on it’. put”.

Davidson, meanwhile, probably has more in mind at the moment. Sources revealed that the Saturday Night Live The star will leave the long-running sketch show after this weekend’s season finale.

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