The biggest differences between the original and the reboot

Josh Schwartz and Stéphanie Savage Gossip Girl achieved cult status in its iconic first run of 2007-2012. The team, along with writer, producer and now showrunner Joshua Safran, have decided to bring back the magic of the series in 2021 with a new rebooted version. While the ubiquitous blogger still follows the lives of wealthy Upper East Side teens, that’s pretty much where the similarities between the two shows end.

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After nearly a decade, it’s no surprise that several things are changing in the Gossip Girl to restart. Aside from the new gang, the tone of the show and the personalities of the new neighborhood kids are quite different from the days of Blair, Serena, Chuck, Dan, and Nate. A lot of other things also stand out as being very different from the original show.

9 The diversity of actors and characters

Gossip Girl 2021 reboot cast sits on New York City steps

The original show had a mostly straight and white cast of characters with the exception of a few supporting characters, like Vanessa and Nelly Yuki. The reboot changes that with a much more diverse portrayal that viewers can relate to.

Main cast members Jordan Alexander, Whitney Peak, and Evan Mock are talented POC actors who play Julien Calloway, Zoya Lott, and Aki Menzies – some of the reboot’s best characters. Transgender actress Zión Moreno stars Luna La, the show’s first trans character, and Thomas Doherty plays Max Wolfe who identifies as pansexual. These additions to the cast bring much-needed diversity to a series that clearly lacked POC and LGBTQ + representation.

8 The characters’ perspective on wealth and privilege

New Gossip Girl made a significant change in the series by making the Gen-Z children of Constance Billard and St. Jude much more attuned to the reality of their privilege. While that doesn’t stop them from partying, characters like Obie and Zoya talk about their origins.

Overall, they’re much more socially aware than the original Queen B Blair, Serena, or Chuck ever were about their charmed lives. The original characters often took off in private jets to exotic locations, spent huge sums of money on trivial things with no ulterior motives, and amassed more wealth when they already had so much.


7 The identity of Gossip Girl (and its revelation)

Gossip girl reboots Gossip girl reveals Dan Humphrey Kate

Perhaps the biggest plot twist and one of the many things that don’t make sense about Gossip Girl’s reboot is the revelation of GG’s new identity as well as its timing. Surprisingly, the new incarnation of Gossip Girl was actually Constance teachers who stalked and exposed their students to make them line up, and this was revealed at the start of the reboot.

It was very different from how Dan’s identity as Gossip Girl was revealed right at the end of the original show, and whether audiences like it or not, a student behind the website was much more. credible. The mystery and suspense that are the key to the series have not existed since GG’s identity was discovered so early.

6 The level of explicit

Chuck and Blair kiss in front of everyone at the Saints and Sinners party

Raising the eyebrows, especially those of the parents, is something that both versions of Gossip Girl do, but there is certainly a difference in the degree of explicit and nudity in the two shows.

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The original series was meant to shock with suggestive content and steamy scenes, but since it was on a network TV it always kept things PG – that’s not the case with HBO’s version of Max. Being on a paid streaming platform gives creators the ability to add a lot more free sex scenes as well as f-bombs, one of which includes a cruise to a public bath.

5 Social media representation

What to expect from the Gossip Girl season 1 part 2 reboot

In the age of texting, Blackberries and long before Instagram, Dan GG’s website portrays a primitive form of social media that he used to uncover scandals, but also to expose people’s sexuality against their will, to talk about their sex life and harass them in general. .

The reboot was developed firmly in the age of social media, and everyone already knows what everyone else is doing. So the original GG blog has turned into an Instagram account, and Gossip Girl tries to only reveal lies rather than humiliate people for their identity.

4 Litter of Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl Season 1

Eagle-eyed viewers would notice a slight change in Gossip Girl’s address to the public – she no longer speaks only to the Upper East Side, and the students of Constance and St. Judes do. are not its only targets.

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Kate Keller’s GG tells all about the city’s other schools, and not just the upscale Manhattan neighborhoods. This was mostly done to avoid getting caught, but it also shows that Gossip Girl is covering more ground because it’s a lot easier in today’s digital age.

3 Increased sensitivity to social issues

Aki and Audrey look at each other while holding their phones in Gossip Girl.

It’s safe to say that 2007 was a different time and the show reflected the lack of awareness in its writing and plots. Things that would be unacceptable today like forcing someone out of the closet, talking publicly about the first time someone has sex, and bitches getting to shame were common on the original. Gossip Girl, and the portrayal of LGBTQ + people was often symbolic and superficial.

The show’s developers changed that by treating social issues more sensitively and portraying the queer community in the right light. The Gossip Girl reboot shines a light on things like influence and cancellation culture, mental health, and other topics that the new generation is more aware of today.

2 Tickling between teenagers

Jenny Humphrey Blair Waldorf Season 1

Blair and Serena were known for the enemy relationship they shared, and Blair was no stranger to plotting, plotting, and taking people down. Serena has also had her fair share of catty scrapping, as has Chuck, who didn’t let anyone get in her way. The world of the original Gossip Girl was ruthless, but the reboot reduces that somewhat.

Teens are much more mature and even if they criticize themselves, it usually ends with them realizing their mistake and apologizing. For example, Julien made fun of Zoya several times during the reboot, but she always reconciled with her sister in the end. Sorry was much harder to find in the days of Blair, Serena and co.

1 The fashion

A shared image of Zoya, Julien, Monet and Luna, and Audrey.

Fashion has always been a big part of the show, and the Gossip Girl reboot offers incredible outfits. Both versions of the series pride themselves on showing off the character’s unique styles, but the fashions of both reflect the era in which they were created. The first students of Constance and St. Jude had closets full of colorful leggings, ballet flats, massive bags and tons of headbands.

Athleisure, second-hand vintage clothing, androgynous fashion, cycling shorts and sneakers dominate the Gossip Girl restart as these are currently trending styles. While fashion is key in both, the different styles are one of the most notable distinctions between the two shows.

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