The new Range Rover SV is the future of subtle luxury

The new Range Rover SV is available with fabulous copper accents.

Land Rover

The new Range Rover is the most advanced and luxurious SUV Land Rover has ever built, with close-to-concept styling, tons of new tech features and a sleek interior. But a few months later, the “normal” Range Rover will be an even more luxurious version created by Jaguar Land Rover’s special vehicle operations, and it has exactly the kind of subtle touches I want from luxury cars of this decade.

Land Rover consolidated the confusion of the outgoing Range Rover SVAutobiography and Dynamic Autobiography Trim levels in a single finish called SV, which will be available in both short and long wheelbase versions when it launches for the 2023 model year. However, several design themes will be offered, the first two being called SV Serenity and SV Intrepid. These themes are basically preset layouts with specific color and finish options, although customers can create their own unique Range Rovers as well.

Two-tone contrasting interiors are available for the first time.

Land Rover

The new SV is a bit more differentiated from the standard Range Rover in terms of styling than the outgoing model was. Up front, there’s a unique grille design with thinner slats, and the lower bumper features thin horizontal lines and a smaller skid plate element. The side blade is engraved with the redesigned SV cockade, while the tailgate bears a genuine ceramic SV badge. I love the special copper exterior trim that features the Serenity theme, where they are found on the grille, lower bumper, roof, side blades, wheels, tailgate trim and Range script badges. Rover. As with current SVO models, the new SV will be offered with an extensive color palette, including satin finishes and absolutely wild color-changing paints.

It’s inside that the SV gets really special. The Long Wheelbase SV is first available in a five-seat configuration, but the Signature Suite option is what you really want. The individual rear seats are electrically adjustable in 24 directions and are heated, ventilated and massaging. The full-length center console features a refrigerator with SV-branded goggles, a pair of cupholders, a deployable plane-shaped table, and an 8-inch touchscreen to control air conditioning, seats, and other functions. You also get an 11.4-inch touchscreen in the back of each front seat.

This SWB model has a leather-free interior with Ultralight and wool finishes.

Land Rover

That’s a pretty typical price for luxury cars at this point, though – what I want to focus on are the SV’s trim and materials. The new Range Rover is available with two-tone interior color combinations which have the front and rear seats in contrasting colors, a really striking touch. Land Rover also offers the Range Rover with what it calls Ultrafabrics, a leather alternative that looks super cool and is paired with Kvadrat wool. Luxury brands are becoming more durable and leatherless, and it’s nice to see Land Rover increasing its offerings.

The leather seats have very cool V-shaped stitching patterns that are found in the mosaic inlay on the available wood trim, but several other wood options, carbon fiber and plated metal finishes are also available. . But the coolest material used is white ceramic, which can be found on the shift lever, volume and climate control knobs, the starter button, the Terrain Response controller and even on the gear settings. front armrests. The ceramic finish is amazing and unlike anything else on the market.

Check out these ceramic controls!

Land Rover

If you describe all of the design elements of the new Range Rover SV to someone, it might sound ostentatious or extravagant, but in reality it’s quite reserved. I love the design of the new Range Rover as a whole; it’s futuristic and risky without being too crazy, a smart evolution of the outgoing design that feels fresh and avant-garde. SV touches add more personality to the Range Rover in a much more subtle way than what you get from a Bentley Bentayga or a Maybach GLS – and the Range Rover SV could very well be the best luxury SUV to pass by. time in this side of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. As much as I adore a brash and extravagant luxury car, so much I appreciate what the more understated Range Rover SV does.

In terms of the powertrain, the SV will apparently only be offered in the United States with the new BMW original 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, although the images released show a Euro-spec SV with the new plug-in. -Range Rover hybrid. implement. The next Range Rover EV will also be offered in an SV version. As for prices, nothing has yet been announced. But with the Autobiography finish already starting at over $ 150,000 and the outgoing SVAutobiography costing over $ 180,000, don’t be surprised if the new SV’s base price starts with number 2.

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