The North Face x Paraboot Mule: release date, price

I couldn’t think of two brands less likely to collaborate than The North Face and Paraboot, yet here we are.

Taking the American brand’s penchant for crafting great outdoor gear and blending it with the French brand’s expertise in crafting durable footwear, the two brands have come together to create a shoe like no other. – a sort of formal mule, if you will.

A slip-on silhouette at the base, but a dress shoe at its sole, the shoe is based on Paraboot’s durable Norwegian welt construction, while a comfortable jet black upper draws inspiration from the Thermoball Traction V mule from TNF.

Featuring a vulcanized rubber outsole, resoleable outsole, quilted full grain leather construction and a soft elastic collar for easy on and off comfort, TNF and Paraboot have struck the perfect balance of comfort and style.

While that might sound great and you think you’ve found your new winter shoe, there’s a catch (and not a great one): you can’t buy them.

According to Paraboot’s Instagram, this unique collab is a limited release and “will not be released to the public,” despite its excellence.

Don’t lose all hope though. While they’re not on general sale now, that doesn’t mean they never will be, especially if other brands’ movements are anything to go by.

For example, earlier this year, Vandy the Pink shared images of his personalized Wallabees via Instagram, a match that has become so popular it has led to an official release of Clarks Originals due to arrive later this month. .

While we sit back and hope TNF x Paraboot eventually comes to fruition, why not try making your own out of an old coat and a pair of dress shoes? Or not, it’s your decision.

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