The right ship that GB News lists – and Nigel Farage is here to sink it

The good GB News ship scoring dangerously to the left. While one of his presenters kneels down, the moral fiber of the country is at stake. The captain fidgets desperately: “Is there anyone on board who can sail ?!”

Fortunately for our failing start-up, an unpretentious commodities broker raises a hesitant hand. Taking off his flat cap and rolling up his sleeves, Nigel Farage bravely prepares to steer the creaking ship to safer waters.

Having ‘done Brexit’ and (presumably) tired of selling greetings for £ 75 a shot on Cameo, Farage is now free to spend his time ordering as many sinking ships as possible. Based on his recent tweets, one can expect a load of anti-immigration rhetoric and pseudo-Christian moralization drawn straight from the Trump Campaign Handbook. In accordance with this “What is Farage”With Dan Wootton, one can also expect much criticism of the seemingly desperate moral state of the country as a whole.

Farage false outrage in a bishop of the Church of England who cares more about human lives than the sanctity of marriage, of course, next to his own marriages; the first resulting in divorce and the second shattered by his commitment to Brexit.

Although he has found himself on the losing side of American politics and is 10 Big Lighter, Farage maintains a connection with the American Christian Youth Organization. Turning, determined to instill biblical morals in the UK. Much like Farage, the student members of Turning Point UK claim to speak for the ordinary person. They don’t need the opinions of MPs, politicians or the mainstream media to speak for them. They are direct descendants of the Lords, attended expensive private schools, and live on 28 acres in the Home Counties or Knightsbridge. They’re trust babies, models, heirs to financial fortunes… you know, like all of us.

Their morality is unmistakable, which is a good thing considering that prominent member Maximillian Habib, 22 (son of former Brexit Party MP and friend of Farage, Ben Habib) is the proud father of ‘a son born around three years old. months after his marriage in 2019 to his college girlfriend. This fact, as well as his identity (which I will not reveal here), is of course never mentioned. He prefers to emphasize his commitment to fatherhood and family.

Of course, this is the ultimate grift. Just as Nick Griffin promoted the BNP as a party for the working classes despite his education in Cambridge, Farage and GB News are determined to sell the UK the story of a deeply moral hero of the working class. Blame the immigrants, the leftists, the journalists and the (other) chic people in power. If only we had had these down-to-earth millionaires two years ago the lockdown wouldn’t have happened, Covid wouldn’t have dared to darken our doors and the immigrant doctors who save our lives wouldn’t have been allowed to come here and steal our jobs.

Their audience is made up of “turkeys voting for Christmas” who appear to vote against their own interests, as the left has not represented them sufficiently since Scargill resigned and the right locked itself in an ivory tower in the back of Barnard Castle. Seemingly devoid of viable options, many have fallen under the dubious spell of GB News and its hosts, seemingly oblivious to the lies that Little Old England is under siege and that the far right is the way to go.

And this is where the real problem lies. GB News’ strong support for the common man can be played on cheap kazoos with all the sincerity of a televangelist, but it’s the only vaguely familiar tune many people hear.

As Boris Johnson complains that he is being forced to live with the equivalent of a half-decent lottery win and Jacob Rees-Mogg berates us for “insisting” that we don’t want to die, Farage and his colleagues empathize with people. For them, it’s a game; the result of insufficient understanding that abandoning the British traditions of racism and stubborn exceptionalism is not the specter of cultural Marxism at work. Farage has yet to attend an in-person anti-mask protest or push a burning blaze in his butt (although I’m sure you could ask on his Cameo account), but those who do probably have his full support. .

Given Farage’s track record, GB News is unlikely to be more successful than Reform UK or the political career of hapless Mr Fox. These far-right voices are active on Twitter, but the very existence of GB News, and its desperate race to conjure up the culture war they want us all to fear, is a sign of impending demise.

Unlike their fear-mongers, Britain still exists and being British always means something. It means inclusion, openness and a willingness to work together for the good of all (especially those who cannot stand up for themselves). That means wearing a mask when it saves the lives of people with compromised immune systems, welcoming children who have traveled a hundred miles to escape probable death, and feeding those for whom school holidays mean starvation.

It also means seeing the working class as more than a trope. Labor must speak with us, as well as on our behalf, and we must all stop letting rich and smug men drag us into demonizing a community that has repeatedly been a scapegoat to distract from the public. government failures. Farage and his friends won’t like it (and will likely create a whole new channel just to show how marginalized they become), but it really won’t matter.

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