Unicommerce continues its growth momentum in India and internationally

The pandemic has changed consumer shopping habits, with e-commerce becoming an integral part of retail. Retail today is no longer about shipping inventory from warehouses to retail stores. Instead, it has become a complex operation with multiple sales channels and large, dispersed inventory pools. As the line between online shopping platforms and offline outlets continues to blur, brands are increasingly adopting omnichannel solutions to streamline their operations and provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

India’s maturing retail ecosystem presented an opportunity for Unicommerce to strengthen its presence in the country. Its technology solutions help streamline the supply chain, understand consumer demand and simplify business operations through centralized visibility of product movement. Unicommerce has built its credibility with cutting-edge technology enabling businesses to deliver operational efficiency and achieve business growth. Today, it’s the preferred choice for retail brands planning to start their e-commerce journey.

During the pandemic, as companies wanted to begin their D2C and omnichannel journey, Unicommerce was ready with its comprehensive suite of technology solutions that helped retail brands align their supply chain for e-commerce operations. Unicommerce has been able to achieve remarkable growth thanks to the power of its segment-agnostic solutions that can be easily implemented by any brand, regardless of company size or industry. Unicommerce works with leading brands across all segments such as FMCG, Personal Care, Home Decor, Jewelry, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Accessories, Kitchenware and Home Decor. electronics, among others. Its solutions are used to process more than one million articles per day and it manages more than 6,000 distribution points on its technology platform.

Unicommerce has a robust product portfolio that gives retail brands and e-commerce businesses the technology to automate their post-sales e-commerce operations. Its portfolio includes multi-channel order management, warehouse management solutions and omnichannel solutions designed for retail brands. Additionally, it also offers holistic vendor management solutions designed specifically for e-commerce businesses.

Unicommerce’s technology solutions help brands deliver operational efficiency and improve the post-purchase experience for consumers. The solution contributes to business efficiency through a centralized view of inventory and the automation of various processes such as order allocation, inventory reconciliation and optimal levels of inventory management. The solutions help improve the post-purchase experience through error-free shipments and faster product delivery.

Being an early entrant in the eCommerce-focused SaaS supply chain solutions space has helped Unicommerce build a strong position in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem through its detail-oriented technology solutions. and easy to use. It has a proven track record of enabling brands to easily scale their operations across multiple selling platforms and ensure stronger unit economy with optimal inventory utilization. The company works with some of India’s top brands such as Marico, Mamaearth, MPL Sports, Jack & Jones, W, Aurelia, boAt, Mensa Brands, Chumbak and many more.

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Over the past two years, the company has enabled thousands of brands to get started in e-commerce and has become the preferred choice for retail brands looking to streamline their supply chain.

In recent years, following its success in the Indian market, Unicommerce has also launched international operations in the Middle East and South East Asia. The company has aggressive expansion plans for the region with a focus on continued customer acquisition and strong marketing campaigns. According to a report by RedSeer, the “order processing and intelligence layer” market is expected to grow from $7.2 billion to $17.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 19%.

Commenting on the international expansion, Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, said: “We have made the strategic decision to start international operations with the Middle East and South East Asia, as these are emerging markets in the e-commerce, with immense growth potential for e-commerce worldwide. years to come. We spent the first year preparing the product and have now accelerated our expansion into these markets. Our expertise in the Indian market allows us to understand and anticipate the challenges facing retail brands in these regions, giving us an advantage and ensuring faster growth. Over the next few years, we will focus on customer acquisition, brand awareness building and continued product development.” Unicommerce has already considered its expansion plan into new geographies in North America. North and Europe in the years to come.

Over the past two years, the company has enabled thousands of brands to get started in e-commerce and has become the preferred choice for retail brands looking to streamline their supply chain. Such a company is chumbak. Unicommerce has enabled the brand to seamlessly integrate and manage uninterrupted business across over 58 stores and one warehouse. After deploying Unicommerce solutions, Chumbak automated its business operations to manage its operations for over 13 online sales channels including branded websites. The company was able to easily ship over 64,000 orders per month with an order fill rate of 99.99%, while maintaining a catalog of 5,500 SKUs and live inventory of over 600,000. It has also helped brands achieve an on-time delivery record with its highly automated order fulfillment processes.

Founded in 2012, Unicommerce has quickly grown to become the backbone of the e-commerce industry. Speaking about the company’s growth trajectory and success, Makhija said, “The pandemic has undeniably given a boost to the e-commerce industry with companies of all sizes and from all sectors boosting their online presence. Over the past two years, we have seen a fundamental shift in the mindset of retail businesses with an increasing acceptance of technology solutions to drive business growth. We have been able to generate rapid business growth with our industry-neutral solutions. Growing customer activity and increased operational efficiencies are a testament to our success that has made us a preferred choice for companies moving to D2C and omnichannel.”

Unicommerce has been able to establish its niche as a technology platform that truly enables a unified e-commerce selling experience for its customers, with its strong integration network of over 80 marketplaces and shopping carts, plus of 50 logistics partners and 10 ERP/PoS systems. The company continues to add more integrations and offers a new holistic platform to simplify online selling and improve business efficiency for its customers. It has one of the highest integration numbers in the industry, including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopify, Magento, FedEx, Delhivery, Blue Dart, and DTDC, to name a few.

Unicommerce’s strong position in India and its growing e-commerce market represent an opportunity for the company to continue its growth momentum in the country. There are also immense opportunities for geographic expansion across the globe. According to a report by RedSeer, Unicommerce’s offering is comprehensive and targets unsolved jobs in both traditional and online retail. In the growing retail SaaS market, Unicommerce is well positioned against its peers (domestic and international) as it offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to power its customers’ e-commerce operations.

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