Vericast Expands Technologically Advanced Influencer Marketing Solution

Strong campaign performance leads to new verticals, TikTok addition

SAN ANTONIO, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vericast today announced the expansion of its leading influencer and paid social marketing solution to include TikTok, the world’s fastest growing video platform. After a year of nearly 40% growth and success with customers in the consumer packaged goods vertical, the solution is now available to Vericast retail and restaurant customers. The announcement is another example of the company’s broader commitment investment in marketing technology innovation.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and industry-exclusive predictive intelligence technology, Vericast delivers organic creator content through paid social ads through influencer handles.

Artificial intelligence technology assesses and identifies the right influencer while proprietary data and insights from Vericast’s Consumer Graph help ensure content reaches a brand’s target customer. The Consumer Graph overlay helps provide smarter and more accurate targeting and leverage consumer behavior beyond the standard capability of social platforms. Using cutting-edge technology and a strategic approach, Vericast’s client campaigns achieved significantly higher click-through rates, impressions and brand awareness.

“We are redefining the way brands and consumers connect with each other,” said Tina Seitzinger, Senior Director, Influencer Marketing and Paid Social at Vericast. “Vericast can deliver authentic storytelling combined with depth of data to reach the right audience with quality placements. It transcends traditional brand marketing to inspire and influence buying decisions.”

TikTok bolsters Vericast’s paid social portfolio which includes Facebook and Instagram. With the addition of TikTok, Vericast is one of the first marketing solutions companies to deliver a technologically sophisticated influencer program with the depth, breadth and diversity of thousands of credible content creators representing multiple categories, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, diet, health, and more.

From campaign strategy and influencer selection to paid media and reporting, Vericast advantages and differentiators include:

  • Powered by AI: A holistic approach is applied using quantitative and qualitative methods to align top influencers with brands based on their campaign goals. This improves the quality and integrity of campaigns, while protecting against subscriber fraud and protecting against harmful or questionable content.
  • Vericast consumer graph: Vericast translates billions of data signals into insights that help clients build successful marketing strategies and reach desired audiences. Using patented analytics and rich text mining on more than 110 billion signals from more than 120 million households every day, the Consumer Graph reveals buyer intent, anticipates needs, and builds an audience ideal for achieving specific campaign goals. Vericast’s Consumer Graph is continually refreshed to introduce new audiences throughout a campaign’s lifecycle to target the most opportune buyer.
  • Premium influencers: Vericast seeks 50% influencers from diverse groups to ensure their inclusion within the network. Vericast influencers undergo a rigorous vetting process where engagement rates, follower count, audience data, and other metrics are evaluated to ensure each influencer has quality content, proven credibility, and a healthy account. Vericast’s Influencer Relations team also provides support on creative approach and strategy to ensure influencers are effective storytellers, producing authentic, high-impact content on behalf of a brand.
  • Omnichannel integration: From signage and digital coupons to standalone inserts and connected TV – Vericast delivers scalable reach across multiple channels with a holistic, integrated solution for every program using audience-tested creatives – all powered by proprietary audiences in the Vericast Consumer Graph.
  • Programmatic Paid Media: Influencer content is amplified in premium and programmatic paid social ads delivered through influencer handles. To maximize budgets, real-time optimizations are performed based on which influencer ads drive the best performance in front of the client’s target audience.

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Vericast reinvents marketing solutions one human connection at a time. By influencing the way more than 120 million households eat, buy, buy, save and borrow, Vericast fuels commerce, drives economic growth and directly accelerates the earning potential of thousands of brands and businesses. While its award-winning portfolio of products, technologies and solutions is part of Vericast’s history, its people are the real differentiators; pioneers in data intelligence, marketing services, transaction solutions, campaign management and media delivery.

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