Vigor, Williamson ends the delayed Ladd game with a shot by executing 1 game

The Vigor football team won the championship class 4A, region 1 on Monday morning in a special way.

With no fans, students or authorized media out there, Wolves beat Williamson 28-12 at Theodore High School. The game was interrupted by gunfire on Friday night with 5:49 hours left to play at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

Mobile County Public School officials moved the remainder of the game to Theodore and barred four media organizations from entering.

“We keep this very minimal for security reasons,” said MCPSS communications director Rena Philips.

At the time of the disturbance at Ladd, Vigor had just intercepted a pass from Williamson and had the ball on his 4 with 5:49 left and a 28-12 lead.

On Monday morning, Vigor quarterback Anthony Mix Jr. took a snapshot, stood there in a pre-arranged deal between the two coaches, and then, when time ran out, knelt down to end. at the match. Wolves improved to 8-0 overall and 5-0 in the region.

“Coach (Williamson) Melvin Pete Jr. and I played on the same football team at Jackson State,” Vigor coach John McKenzie said of how Monday’s plan came into effect. “We really wanted to do it Friday night. We spoke again yesterday and spoke again today. We just joked that we could possibly be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest game in football history. It just had to be an official game.

“Life is made up of different things and you prepare for anything. We have experienced it now.

McKenzie said both teams sent Theodore a limited list for the resumption of the game. “We had about 30, and I think Williamson had about 15.” Obviously, match officials and police were present as well as several MCPSS officials and Theodore High officials and coaches.

McKenzie, in his sophomore year at Vigor, said he prepared for Monday morning as he would any other game.

“We arrived early today and had a pre-game meal,” he said. “We were doing everything the same even though we were only playing six minutes. You have to be prepared.

“Even if we had a gentleman’s agreement and I was confident in that, if a player is going to get the ball and knock it out, then you have to play football. In fact, all the kids were respectful. It was a good spirit. sport between the two teams. Now they have to prepare to move on to their next match and so do we. “

Pete made the same comment about the possibility of the play going into the record books, then added, “At the moment I’m just happy that everyone is safe and for that purpose I don’t have to. ‘other comments.”

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