Warm Springs PD trying to identify woman found dead in 1976

The identity of a woman found dead in Linn County nearly 46 years ago remains a mystery. The Warm Springs Tribal Police are hoping someone can help them find out who she is.

The Warm Springs Tribal Police Department said Thursday it was trying to help the Oregon State forensic anthropologist identify the woman. Genetic testing revealed she had Native American and Northern European ancestry.

Her skeletal remains were found by a moss hunter on July 24, 1976. But according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), she could have died anytime between 1966 and 1976.

The remains were found about five miles northwest of Cascadia, according to a map on NamUs.

The NamUs database indicates that she was between 18 and 40 years old with an estimated height of 5 feet. We thought she had brown hair. DNA testing determined with high potential accuracy that his eyes were brown or hazel.

A strip of yellow and tan leather with two metal rings about 2 inches in diameter was found near his body. There was also a decorative black and white band with seed beads designed to look like two birds and two diamond shapes that could have been attached to the leather band.

This beaded object was found with the body of a woman found in Linn County in 1976. (Warm Springs Tribal Police Department)

A platform-style sandal with an approximately 2-inch heel and a single white strap with a braided section attached to the base was also found on the body.

The sandal was found on the body of a woman whose remains were found in Linn County, Oregon in July 1976.

A fringed leather coat and blue Levi’s jeans were found near the body.

Anyone who has even guessed who this person is is asked to call Warm Springs Tribal Police at 541-553-2202 or respond on their Facebook post.

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