“What are the shoes doing?!” [Video]

Jennifer Hudson may have racked up a lot of pieces in her career, but she’s always careful about how she spends them.

On an episode of her self-tiled talk show, Hudson details how she learned tennis shoes can cost a few thousand dollars. The singer started the show by telling her audience about her weekend which involved being on “mom duty”.

Jennifer shared how her 13-year-old son David Daniel Otunga Jr. taught her a lesson in shoes.

While on a shopping spree, Jennifer learned that a $7,000 pair of shoes had just been sold at the store.

Stunned by the high price, the singer got an even bigger shock after David wanted a pair of Jordan 11 Retro OVO Gray Snakeskin shoes. It wasn’t the shoe that surprised her, but the fact that it cost $20,000!

“What are shoes for?! Jennifer told the laughing audience. “What is he doing? Is this going to lead me somewhere?

David then pointed out that his mother’s shoes were fake, which Jennifer says she’s not worried about.

“When I was a kid, my brother and sister loved sneakers, and they would buy Jordans and big name brand stuff,” she said.

The EGOT winner added that she would look for the cheapest shoes and customize them to personalize them.

“I’m like, ‘Mom don’t worry, take me to Payless.’ As long as I wear it, it’s like that and then I’ll wear my little thing where I have plenty.

She continued: “I don’t know about all of you, we have two outfits and then you have a shoe or two. I wasn’t wasting my money on a shoe that was $100. I go to Payless and get five or six pairs, a hundred pairs.

Well, it’s safe to say that David didn’t walk out of the store with the expensive shoes.

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