What type of doctor will Ncuti Gatwa be? Top 9 Reddit Theories

Ncuti Gatwa has been announced as the next incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, and his first mate was confirmed to be Yasmin Finney, and Russell T. Davies dropped 60th birthday clues (including confirmed appearances by David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins) left, right and center .

Fans have taken to Reddit to enthusiastically speculate on what kind of doctor Gatwa will bring to the screen, with the overall mood being positive and optimistic for the future of the series. Many of the traits hinted at are reminiscent of previous incarnations of the Doctor, but some express hope for a change that will freshen up the character and the long-running sci-fi series.


9 The funny guy

ncuti gatwa next to doctor who tardis floating in space

As evidenced by his portrayal of Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex education, Gatwa knows how to land a joke and demonstrate comedic timing. Humor is an element that has been used by writers and actors playing the Doctor to varying degrees over the years, and Gatwa is likely to amplify it.

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User Syncharmony says: “It’s really funny […] looking at Eric’s characterization on the show and kind of superimposing the mental thought that he’s the Doctor. Like, the banana scene in the second episode…I was laughing pretty hard knowing it was a Timelord giving such an instruction.”

8 The eccentric guy

Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa Daleks

Each Doctor brought something different to the role, but one thing that has always remained a constant is the eccentric nature of the character. In his personal and professional life, eccentricity is not something Gatwa lacks, with the energy he brings to his roles indicating what’s to come for this incarnation of the Gallifreyan.

Syncharmony thinks Gatwa ‘oozes doctor energy’ and attributes this to his ‘quirky wardrobe […] electrical action [and] emotional range. »

7 The charismatic type

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric in Sex Education

Taking the helm of a character who has been a household name for six decades is an undeniably daunting feat. The regeneration scene is a famous moment for the new Doctor to introduce himself, tease what’s in store for the character, and win over viewers who might still cling to the latest incarnation.

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User HologiLion thinks Gatwa will pull it off easily, because “he’s so incredibly charismatic, energetic and instantly likeable.”

6 The “Zero F***s Given” type

split image of lone cyberman and doctor sycrorax who ncuti gatwa

It’s easy to imagine Gatwa’s Doctor joking around and going off on excitable tangents one minute and then the next, turning on a dangerous alien with a classic Eric-esque banter or flying off against someone not to wash their hands. These are characteristics of the Doctor that Gatwa has already demonstrated in previous work.

User OllyDaMan says: “[Gatwa] has exactly the right kind of zero f***s given/outrageous and sometimes hilarious and absurd out there vibes/nature that the Doctor has always had. “

5 The young guy

Ncuti Gatwa doctor who instagram advertises two red hearts a plus sign and a blue box

Although Matt Smith still wears the crown of youngest actor to play the Doctor (he was twenty-six when first cast), Gatwa (twenty-nine) will help reintroduce the series to younger audiences. His Sex education the fame and huge social media following, especially on Instagram, will certainly help to achieve this.

MedievalHoneyCake says:[It] It seems like the right move to have a younger Doctor again, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s coming from a show with a huge following, Doctor Who desperately needs this again.”

4 The well-dressed guy

Doctor who jodie whittaker Ncuti Gatwa is NOT the fourteenth doctor

Settling into a new style is an important part of the Doctor’s regeneration process. The look becomes just as iconic as the character itself, as is the case with Tom Baker’s scarf, Christopher Eccelston’s leather jacket and David Tennant’s trench coat.

Syncharmony admits Jodie Whittaker’s “teenage” wardrobe has let her doctor down, but says optimistically: “I think with Gatwa we’ll definitely see a lot of different looks! Understated and dapper to wild and colorful. I think it will be very mischievous.”

3 The mischievous guy

An image of Ncuti Gatwa standing in front of a TARDIS

The Doctor is the kind of person (or rather, alien) who stirs up trouble just because he’s bored. That kind of mischievous energy has already been picked up by fans who have been digging through Gatwa’s catalog in light of the announcement.

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Syncharmony says: “One thing I like the most about him is that he has that mischievous glint in his eye, which is an integral part of being a good doctor. The vibe that if left alone in a room with a big red button that says “Don’t press”, there’s a 0% chance that button won’t be pressed, to hell with the consequences.”

2 The well-written guy

Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa and former doctors

Russell T. Davies was the Doctor Who showrunner for five years but stepped back in 2010. Already a fan favorite a decade ago, it is hoped Davies’ time has strengthened him as a writer, so he can help revitalize the series and its main role.

User Key_Personality_6977 says: “Ncuti […] under RTD might be one of the greatest pairings the show’s history can have. “pull it, but knock it out of the park right off the bat!”

1 The guy who makes history

Ncuti Gatwa Doctor Who Vortex

For most of his life, the Doctor enjoyed white male privilege on land and when visiting historic places. Many fans believe the change shouldn’t be ignored, and the writers now need to tackle some real issues with the Doctor’s new identity and appearance.

User Akinto6 suggests that the New Doctor has at least a subtle encounter with racism, much like “The Witchfinders” (episode 8, season 11) tackled sexism. They say: “Racism is something that has been somewhat neglected in Doctor Who in favor of a light show, but [Russell T. Davies] should definitely answer it a bit more now that we have a black doctor. »

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