When Raj Kundra gifted Shilpa Shetty the Rajasthan Royals IPL team for Valentine’s Day

All the fame, private jets, gorgeous properties and fancy travel to scenic places around the world – there was a time when most people couldn’t imagine what it must be like to be in your skin. of businessman Raj Kundra and his wife Shilpa Shetty.

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People still can’t imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Since the Kundra porn scandal came to light, the duo have truly suffered a drastic fall from grace, with everything that has happened right in their lives now coming back to haunt them.

An example of this is the former 2009 interview with Shilpa Shetty when she revealed that her husband Raj gave her an IPL team for Valentine’s Day. (Thin!)

Yes! The duo became part-owners of the IPL Rajasthan Royals team after securing a 12% stake in the team.

Raj Kundra gifted the Shilpa IPL team for Valentine's Day

Speaking after receiving her husband’s participation, Shilpa called the investment a “smart idea”.

Idea Raj ka tha aur jab woh proposal lekar aaye invest karne ka. Maine socha ki yeh bohut accha khayal hai aur smart business strategy hai. Since this is something that is watched all over India and even overseas and it can’t be a losing proposition (The idea was Raj’s when he proposed to invest. I thought it was a good idea and a smart business strategy).

Uh, not really. Whereas it came right after the 2008 financial crisis! But okay, who are we to judge this? We have to think a hundred times before buying an expensive shoe in the mall.

Regardless, apparently the interviewer had the same concern, after which Shilpa was asked why the couple were interested in investing a staggering 100 crore during the recession.

Well that’s what Shilpa had to say,

“Smart investing tab hota hai when you feel you are not afraid to invest. (It is smart investing when you feel you are not afraid to invest.)”

“Fear bilkul nahi hai because they are a strong team. Recession ho kuch bhi ho, cricket is something that will never go out of style. (I have no fear because even though it is a recession , cricket will never go out of style.) “

Fucking girl! There is one thing not to be afraid of and another to spend 100 crore on a business when a market is really screwed up.

Regardless, in 2013 Shilpa and her husband Raj Kundra were notoriously banned for life from cricket activities after a betting scandal was discovered.
Guess there are some things you should really be afraid of? (Fin)

Well guess what?

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