Who is Jon Batiste’s wife? He secretly married Suleika Jaouad

Jon Batiste is not only the most awarded Grammy winner this year, he is also a newlywed. In a “CBS Sunday Morning” interview that aired April 3, the “Freedom” singer revealed he secretly married his longtime girlfriend, bestselling author Suleika Jaouad, in February. After eight years together, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony the night before Jaouad received a bone marrow transplant as part of treatment for his second diagnosis of leukemia.

“The darkness will try to catch up with you, but just turn on the light.”

“We knew we wanted to get married, I think, from the first week we started dating,” Jaouad said in the interview, adding that Batiste had been planning a formal proposal for months, regardless of his health. . “He said to me, ‘I just want to be very clear, I’m not proposing to you because of this diagnosis. It took me a year to design your ring. . . . What I want you to know, c “is that this diagnosis doesn’t change anything. It makes it all the more clear to me that I want to commit to this and be together,” she recalled. “But once we realized we had this little window before the bone marrow transplant, we decided to go for it.” After successfully applying for a marriage license while having a catheter placed in her chest, they exchanged “I do’s” with bread ties as rings in a “tiny” and “perfect” ceremony.

Batiste described making their love official during Jaouad’s second round of cancer treatment as an “act of defiance”. “The darkness will try to catch up with you, but just turn on the light. Focus on the light. Hold on to the light,” the 35-year-old songwriter said. Jaouad added that their last-minute marriage brought “love and positivity” which “carried [them] through “his medical procedure.” We walked into this bone marrow transplant unit on cloud nine,” the 33-year-old writer said. “That sense of community, that sense of love, that sense of joy and spontaneity were so important. “

The pair first met at music camp years ago, when Batiste was 14 and Jaouad was 13. To celebrate their lasting love and recent nuptials, take a look at some of their best photos together.

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