Why The Olsen Sisters Love Their Shoes Under $100

Ashley Olsen in New Balance 547 sneakers. Photo: Courtesy of Backgrid

Another day, another Olsen twin in an affordable shoe. On Tuesday, Ashley Olsen stepped out in a black coat, black knit beanie and scarf tied around her neck. But her shoes made the outfit. First, The Row designer tucked her black pants into her chunky knit socks, creating a DIY bishop sleeve for the ankle that broke up the languid silhouette of her outfit. On the feet, Olsen wore a humble pair of gray New Balance 574s, priced at $85.

This top-down moment comes the day after Olsen’s twin, Mary-Kate, wore a pair of black Adidas Sambaroses, which also cost less than $100. The twins have a long history of affordable athletic shoes, often with their expensive own-brand looks. The Olsens have worn everything from slip-on vans to flip flops and Birkenstocks, usually with a bag that fits nicely into a price tag with multiple zeros.

So why a humble pair of sneakers? The Olsens have the world at their fingertips; every luxury imaginable could be theirs with the snap of a finger or the swipe of a card. They don’t need to walk around subway gates and can instead rely on car-to-door transportation. It gives celebrities the luxury of teetering in dizzying and generally uncomfortable shoes. It’s not like they actually have walking in these heels for a long period of time – a car is waiting for them right there.

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