Worksome announces agency’s shortlist highlighting best places for freelancers to work

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Worksome, an enterprise platform that helps companies hire and manage contractors in a compliant manner, today announced the winners of The Agency Shortlist, an awards program designed to shine a light on agencies that have of a flexible and human-centric workforce, where freelancers are highly valued.

The list, which includes 10 agencies across multiple verticals, was compiled based on a series of criteria meant to feature agencies that empower their employees, adopt a flexible working style and invest in their freelancers. and their happiness.

The 2022 Agency Shortlist

  • Wealth is a digital agency that creates and curates media for luxury brands, leveraging influencers and brand NFT drops. Find out more:
  • CDX-Studios is a content marketing agency that creates beautifully crafted experiences to help grow brands like Owl Labs and HubSpot. Learn more:
  • gigantic is the UK’s leading cloud-based freelance engineering community, with skilled engineers on demand. Learn more:
  • Hugo & Cat is an experience design agency that creates digital products and experiences that give businesses a competitive edge. Find out more:
  • Launch Mappers is a digital performance agency serving its clients with on-demand growth teams working across Europe. Learn more:
  • at Olivier’s The agency’s unique approach makes it the first and only company to design, build and manage bespoke agencies and internal ecosystems for brands. They create work that provides business growth, fame, and purpose for clients around the world. Learn more:
  • picaroons is a content creation agency that partners with today’s top creatives to create content for audiences to watch, watch, care and share. Find out more:
  • Right side up is a remote growth marketing consultancy, a collective of high-end marketing talent trusted by the most respected start-ups, fastest-growing technology companies, and well-established Fortune 500 teams to make a better thing: growth. More info:
  • Impact TPX is a full-service agency that delivers impactful and lasting digital results that make a positive difference in the way individuals and society perceive the world. More info:
  • Digital TRGT is a digital performance agency that delivers market-leading performance campaigns on paid search and paid social media to clients around the world. More info:

“The Agency List: The Best Places for Freelancers to Work, by Worksome is intended to celebrate agencies that are integrating freelancers into their businesses and embracing flexibility,” said Morten Petersen, CEO of Worksome. “These agencies are at the forefront of the new way of working. Congratulations to our 2022 winners.”

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About Worksome

Worksome makes managing a freelance workforce quick and simple by automating payment, billing, and compliance processes for freelancers and contractors. Worksome’s all-in-one solution saves businesses time and money and reduces risk – making the flexible future of work a reality for businesses and workers everywhere.

Worksome works with thousands of companies worldwide, including Unilever, Novo Nordisk, Pepsi and Maersk, and is based in Copenhagen, London and New York. For more information, visit

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